New workout!

1. Military push-ups – focus on keeping core engaged and find a pace that allows you to get as far through the 70 seconds as possible (you’ll probably have to drop to your knees, swallow your pride and finish off the remainder of the time from this modified position).
2. Inverted bodyweight rows – feet do not have to be elevated…you can get creative from home if you don’t have a slick barbell and rack setup to use (but if you break any furniture or fall on your a*s, I’m not responsible)
3. Lying hip extensions – see first exercise in second video after clicking that link. No need to use explosion through eccentric phase, as 70 seconds of strict form should be hella hard as it is. Make sure to drive through the heels and flex your booty, hamstrings and core like it ain’t no thang.
4. Wall sits – yep, this will suck. Try to get the butt low enough to make an approximate 90-degree angle at your knee joint.

After completing 70 seconds of all four exercises back-to-back, we get to rest for 2-minutes and then repeat two more rounds

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