P90X Week 12 Day 6… Almost Over

It’s Saturday October 17th and a couple hours ago I finished my last KempoX workout in a 13 week series. I’m feeling quite accomplished to have made it almost all the way through one of the toughest at home training programs available today: P90X.

Actually, today KempoX felt a little “lite” and I knew like I could do more. So I really focused on my form kicking high, punching strong and twisting with it. It could be because I slacked big time yesterday.

Since I’m on the “doubles” version (where you work out 2 a day 3-4 times a week out of 6 total workout days) and I missed my leg/back session last night I still got to make up for it.

Why Did I Miss Legs and Back?

The funny thing is, I was waiting to do it with my husband and he didn’t get back home until midnight. Plus, while I was waiting I was focused on building this very website you’re reading now.

So, although KempoX was the only workout I had today I still gotta make up for last night… and I’m NOT looking forward to it!

Not only is legs and back hard work but you feel it almost immediately start to get sore. And tonight I’m going out to a male strip club in Dallas called MasterBlaster to celebrate Franco’s birthday.

Dancing is tough with sore legs.

To help combat that I plan on keeping my protein level up today and using a homeopathic supplement  found that helps reduce soreness called Arnica at the VitaminShoppe.com.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go tonight with legs and back AND at the strip club with my friends… and the “sexy mens” of Master Blaster.

Now, since today is my “diets-gone-wild” (eat what ever I want) day I’m off to cook and eat some backed barbecue chicken wings a mac-n-cheese… with fresh spinach (lol). Pics available soon on the what I eat page.

Talk soon,


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