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If you just want to donate because you’d love to support the mission I am on just click here to email me your offer and/or my snail mail address!>>


However, I you’d like to learn more about what I do with the offers I receive in gratitude for my service I’m very transparent.
* If it’s fiat Federal Reserve Notes (aka Cash Money):
1. It will pay utility bills until we install systems that free us from this current obligation.
2. It will also go to food we don’t grow/raise ourselves from local vendors as much as possible.
3. It will fund the experiments to replace our fuel and energy utilities above mentioned.
* If it is food: We will eat it or donate it to others who will
* If it is a physical good: we will utilize it as needed or donate it to others who will.
* If it is a service: we will accept it as long as we may gift it to someone else who may be local to you in the event it’s a localize service (think: massage, hair cut, car wash, etc) and we aren’t local to each other.

Please email me here with your offer or questions about how we can better serve humanity by helping each other.

One thought on “Payment Options

  1. I use to run an add that said will pick up usable left over garage sale items oh my goodness I was overwhelmed with how much came in. I would give away so much stuff to others in need … was kinda fun and people were happy to have it picked up. Angelite Center is a non profit so I could give them a tax write off for the donation I was even given a working truck they filled it with gas and gave it a tune up and oil changed and then just signed it over. I find the more you give the more comes back This is the problem most people have if they do not know how to give then they stop the flow and they do not have flow coming in to them……I give give give and it come back over and over. I love your giving to the food is free project. I know you understand how the universe works. Good Job!

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