Prepared, It’s the NEW Convenience!

Need to vent: Started eating breakfast at my firm, because I was waking up to late to make my usual breakfast… Was dropping pounds effortlessly but the last 3 days have been feeling slightly bloated with a headache after I ate breakfast… I had my aha moment tonight when I got on my scaled and gained 5 POUNDS. I was so close to my goal weight I almost started crying… I was racking my brain until I figured it out… The sausage patties I was eating at work are FULL of salt and NOT organic (contrary to what I was lead to believe)… I Fortunately, I have kept my inches off (7 inches off my waist to be exact. I started I was 41 inches around my waist, now I am 34, small victory) but now I have to eat a ton of greens and fast. Hopefully it will drop tomorrow morning ::sigh:: Lesson learned: don’t trust any food you cannot read the label for! I might as well ate at McDonalds…ughhh

My reply: First of all, congratulations on your 7in release of belly fat!!! That’s more than a small victory, that’s amazing! I’m wondering how your holding your pants up or are you only wearing dresses to work?

Let’s talk about part later though. Right now I want to discuss the topic on hand: The only convenience you have when it come to eating lean with a time crunch is the convenience you create by being prepared.

Here are some of my “Convenient Eating” tips>>

1. Make a protein shake and drink it on the way to ___ (office, church, dinner party).
2. Fast until you can eat good food later in the day
3. Keep boiled eggs and cooked bacon (or other meat) in the fridge so you can grab and go! What ever you don’t use and end up as salad topping so it doesn’t spoil.
4. Carry jerky, nuts/seeds in your purse.
5. Bake and freeze a batch of grain/wheat/gluten free muffins or crackers from the recipes in the forum you can take-n-thaw

Being a mom with 3 whole foodie kids, often carry some of the above where ever we go out for long periods since we refuse to have to resort to conventional convenient food (Taco Bell, Wendy’s) as we have in the past. I’d also like to add that is mainly due to cultural and psychological conditioning that we eat “at breakfast time” even if you aren’t actually hungry until “lunch time”.

Often I don’t have breakfast until well afternoon and I’m right here at home. I make my kids breakfast without feeling any urge to nibble at their food (well, most of the time any way :0) and can start working until I actually feel my stomach growl… which goes away as you practice this more and more. This is good because you gain control over your appetite instead of it controlling you leading you victim to junk in the name of “eating at ____ time”.

I think you shared a valuable lesson you learn: Don’t trust food that you can read the label for! If you can’t verify it, just don’t assume that its from the healthier side of the spectrum of choices and limit your exposure.

Weighing yourself daily will help you better mitigate any negative effects to your weight based on food options you’ve made recently. I know I’d want to cry too if I was surprised by 5 pounds in the up direction! Weigh in and snap a picture even if you don’t share it.

The good news is you’ve caught the culprit and have a plan! WERQ IT!!


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