Protein Shake Recipe: Almond Butter Jelly Sandwich!

I used to think I was eating pretty healthy by consuming whole grain wheat breads. When I found out that gluten in wheat products like bread is the enemy of body fat loss I had to give it up and missed having my fav sandwhich; Peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I was sad to learn that peanuts are not even nuts, they are legumes!! So I swapped out the P for A as in almond butter. And, since I’m in the fat loss stage in my diet (it’s summer slim down time!) I’m not drinking milk because of the sugar (lactose)… But what good is a AB&J sandwich without and ice cold glass of milk right?

So, I was please to have discovered… and maybe even invented, a protein shake that tastes like a PB&J sandwich with milk but without peanut butter… or milk! It’s gluten, peanut free, dairy free, fun to make and tastes fabulous.

This shake is great for an occasional meal replacement for weight management but best as a pre/post exercise recovery  drink for fat loss.


1 banana (as you prefer it)

1 cup ice

1 Cup almond milk

2 TBL sp flax seed powder

1 TBL sp  sugar free strawberry preserves

2 TBL sp almond butter

1/3 Cup whey protein powder

Blend well in a blender and pour in a 20-24 oz glass. Enjoy!

It’s very filling and you can almost chew it because of the flax seed… Makes me wanna like the inside of the glass. The kids love it too! What’s your favorite protein shake recipe?

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