Separating and Repotting Banana Pups

I rescued banana in pot from WinCo that had 4-5 pups already sprouted up about 2 months ago. At least 2 are ready to be harvested but I repotted the smaller 3 together. If they survive I will separate a later time.

Banana pups are how most modernized banana are spread since they don’t usually carry viable seeds. To begin I removed the whole root ball from the original pot and soaked it in a bowl of warm water to loosen the dirt. This reduces the potential of damaging the delicate roots of the banana pups.

After soaking for about 30 minutes, wiggle each banana pup gentle holding firmly at the base. The roots will slip out from the entangled ball and then you put it in its own moisten soil pot.

Why are banana plants selling at the 47th latitude, idk but for $4.88 I am taking a chance! Do you or would you grow banana?

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