Eating for Fat Loss: The Slow Carb, Glycemic Index based Diet

You heard of the “low-carb” diet where you practically cut out almost all forms of carbohydrates from your diet and/or limit yourself to whole grains. But have you heard of “slow-carb”? After doing some research and vibrational work to uncover effective, long term dieting options I came across a diet that logical thinking women can enjoy.

Unlike it’s low-carb cousin, the slow carb diet is based on managing blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. This means making food choices base on how much a particular food item will increase your blood sugar levels.

Now, I’m no dietitian and you should run all of this by a licensed and trained professional (your physician) before you do anything but, from what I understand the higher your blood sugar level goes the more of what you eat get stored as additional fat on your thighs, hips, butt and belly!

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a scale which is set by glucose representing 100 and all other foods are graded around that to determine its effect on your blood sugar. For example their is a legume called Dahl (resembles the yellow chick pea) which comes in at 4 on and is currently the lowest food on the scale. This means it has a minor effect on the blood sugar as apposed to a baked potato at 104 which, along with other sugars you eat through out the day, will surely be store as giggly belly FAT.

Foods which score 0-55 are considered low on the GI best for fat loss, 56-69 is considered moderate and good for the weight maintenance stage of your diet and 70 and above is the fat gain danger zone. To learn more visit:

How it works

Apparently this diet works because just as with all carbs, you eat sugar and it’s absorbed by your blood, where, if you have the right amount of it, the insulin in your system converts the sugar to energy. However, if you introduce too much sugar into your system, the insulin stores it as body fat. A little stored body fat is fine; the body likes some emergency fuel.

However, if your blood sugar spikes too often and the insulin has to work too hard converting fat, this can lead to a variety of health issues, including type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Hence the beans…

Legumes and beans naturally have a good amount of carbs but are extremely high in fiber which allows for a much slower absorption into your blood. Keeping your insulin buddies slowly humming a long to turn it into your daily fuel instead of going crazy and packing excess carbs away as fat for the next famine.

So, instead of my usual bowl of cereal or my favorite sandwich in the morning, I now have a full meal of beans, a green veggie and about 200 calories of a protein like bacon, pork chops, beef and/or eggs.

For lunch and dinner I have the same and snacks are a handful of nuts, a nibble of hard, aged cheese or other lactose (sugar) free dairy like cottage cheese.

For more of the brain dead simple rules I foll0w to easily lose 2-3+ lbs of fat per week effortlessly and even without exercise do a search on this site for fat loss success diet guide!

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