Stop Watching TV

Why won’t you stop watching TV and other pop-media 100%? It’s the life thretening thing an adult can do and it’s the most additive substance I’ve even come to know. Do you realize how many of your problems would disappear if you didn’t know about them and you focused instead on being a solution to something? You’d rarely be sad if you didn’t know who lost the game, who said nigga now or which *celebrity* died, like EVERYONE MUST, or had a baby today. If you didn’t hope good-but-no-Whitney won American Idol, you wouldn’t be disappointed when they got sent home in the semi-finals.

Maybe you should take up teaching ballroom dancing instead of watching other do it while you criticize. Even the activist still look for validation that the revolution is working by what shows up on the lame stream… give it the fuck up! Take personal responsibility and initiative to educate and inspire change in your community and sphere of influence. The religion of the status quo implies you should keep waiting for a breakthrough when the guy-in-the-tie does X or The One comes. I’d like to suggest that the breakthrough is when you realize that The One is us when we are united in harmony. #AwakeningAsOne #StopWatchingTV

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