Free Marketing Training Preview Call: Stop Working For Money


It’s time to stop “working for money”! Usually when people hear, “working for money” they think they are NOT working for “money” but working for the things and experiences they use money to gain access to. What I mean when I say “working for money” is to work in a capacity (industry/career/job) where one otherwise wouldn’t if it were not for the money! This is why so few people enjoy what they do for a living or enjoy their life in general.

On Tuesday, February 25 2014, I’ll be hosting a FREE preview call where I’ll help you:
* Never work (or do anything else) again just for $$$.
* Learn the ONE skill that will attract every thing you need to you (and how it’s being used to extract $$$ from you)!
* Identify and release ALL inaccurate beliefs about the reality of $$$.
* Sharpen critical thinking skills so you’re never stuck with $$$ problems.

Call in at 7:41pm CST
The calling number is: Conference Call Dial-in:


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