So you wanna get your claws on some of my best wheat/soy/oat free, dairy optional yummilious recipes? Here is the Lean Lifestyle cookbook for FREE!

Some of the highlights include:

The world famous Dough Delicious recipe (which is used as a base for cookies, flat breads, pie crusts, biscuits and more).

Midnight shrimp

15 minute chicken stew

and… Ginger garlic beef

Of course, if you so choose, you may give a gift. We’re open to seeds, RVs/campers, LAND plot, any gardening/farming tools, pantry foods (like coconut oil,  coconut flour, almond meal, etc) or any denomination of $$$. email me at for our mailing dress or click the Give A Gift button below! Thank you :0)

6 thoughts on “Cookbook

    • Thank you Veronica! Tapioca flour (also called manioc flour and/or cassava flour) works similar to potato flour but I’ve never used any substitute so I can’t forecast the results. Is it that you’re having a hard time finding the flour near you? We may be able to help with that at it is abundant and inexpensive here.

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  2. I absolutely love your cookbook. Tried the Pat-n-bake thighs with cauliflower rice last night. Hubby loved it! Thanks so much. I never liked to cook before now I look forward to trying delicious healthy meals!

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