Theobroma Cacoa

18 month old Cocoa tree
18 month old Theobroma Cacoa/Cocoa tree. Grown indoors in a North facing window until now!
theobroma cacoa plant
Young (6 months) Theobroma Cacao/Cocoa about 9 inches tall
cocoa cacoa plant ready to ship
Theobroma Cacao/Cocoa ready to ship to new home in Idaho

Although I bought the big momma theobroma cacao plant online as a sprout, I ordered fresh cacao pods and sprouted the smaller ones available for new homes my self. One can be yours for with domestic (USA) shipping via FedEx included in price.

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Theobroma Cacoa, commonly known as Chocolate or cocoa, likes it hot, humid and partly sunny! Although it is a tropical plant, mine has grown happily in a northern facing window at the 47th latitude (-118W). They will grow new leaves regularly at 70 degrees and above but will stagnant growth below that and die below 60. Never expose to wind gusts as all the leaves will blow off and never regrow, killing the plant.

FERTILIZATION: balance 15-15-15 or 7-9-5 fertilizer natural equivalent every 4-6 weeks in spring, summer and autumn. Stop in winter. Allow top of soil to dry slightly between watering. NOT drought tolerant but we’ve been away for up to a week without any ill effects.

You can have fun growing your own cocoa beans from this yellow-podded cacao tree. Your seedling plants will start bearing fruit at 3-4 years old once they have reached 5-6’ tall. The pink and white flowers grow straight out of the tree trunk and main branches, followed by the cocoa pods. It takes 5 months for the fruit to develop. The cylindrical cocoa pods change from green to yellow when fully ripe. Each pod contains 20-40 seeds. The cocoa beans must ferment for about one week and then are dried to create the unique chocolate flavor. Cocoa plants prefer some shade, especially when the trees are young. The plant may experience edge burn during the winter months. The botanical name Theobroma cacao literally means “Food of the Gods.”

What is more impressive and empowering than growing your own food and medicine from this amazing plant? Join the fun and grow your own!