Fat Loss Journey: What I Ate and Weight 04/01/10

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since the first posting on the FitRichWoman facebook page and I’ve got almost all of it in pictures! I’ve got everything from the last time I ate my famous lasagna and garlic bread to the first time we tried quinoa.

You’ll want to pay attention to this story as I refine an eating strategy that is responsible for 90% of my documented 30lb fat loss and maintenance.

If You Don’t Know My Story, Here’s The Skinny

Some time around my birthday last year I got the inspiration to give fat loss focusing mainly on what I to eat. it was in the attempt to discover how to permanently remove myself out of the wrath of obesity and diabetes that was ripping through my family.

My father had already suffered it for 27 years and is now legally blind because of it. My best friends parents suffer stoke, dialysis and amputation because of it, my uncle uncle suffered a heart attack all because of diabetic complications.

More specifically ignorance that there could be a way to prevent and manage both obesity and diabetes and other diet related diseases by learning more about what we eat.

As a total diet noobie who’d never want to really change a thing (except add more of the good stuff right??) I started where most people like you and I glean fitness info now-a-days… Reading a mad scientist stories on a blog.

My journey started with me finding an article on Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour Work Week blog entitled, “How to Lose 20 lbs in 30 days Without Exercise” (and basis of his best selling “4 Hour Body”)…and evolved into a sustainable, enjoyable, orgasmically delicious way of living lean almost effortlessly.

Now to the Pictures

Over the next 30 days I’ll be sharing with you exactly what I ate so you can see how the evolution as it unfolds. Please feel free to ask me any questions at all in the comment section below and use the share options to invite your friends to join in on the lean down fun!

Warning: the food pictures aren’t nearly as good as they ones we post now and some of the stuff we don’t eat at all anymore.

Weigh in pic. I’m 5’7″ and 157.6lbs on March 31, 2010>>

This is what I ate>>

Dinner 03/30/2010: Blackeye peas, baked chicken steamed asparagus

April 1, 2010 weigh in 156.6>>

I must say, I was a BELIEVER from right here folks! A pound over night? Where does that happen??

What I ate>>

Yes, notice the beans… so called “slow carbs” that just made me fart constantly but hey, I was getting what I wanted out of the deal at the time.

5 thoughts on “Fat Loss Journey: What I Ate and Weight 04/01/10”

  • I am really looking forward to seeing how you did this! I am 5’3″ and would love to get down to your starting point!

    • When I was almost 200lbs I would have LOVED to get down to this starting point too! LOLOL. Whats weird is as I approached where I imaged would be a good weight and realize I’d have to go a little further to really firm up… So far I’m at 129 and know I could stand to gain more muscle and still shave a little fat off. The great part is I know exactly what to do instead of stabbing in the dark and hoping for the best! Thanks for your comments Sheree 🙂

  • Awesome!
    I love seeing the refining process, figuring stuff out, etc.
    I’m sorry, but the people who think that foods that are making them belch or fart or BOTH are good for them . . . I’ve got some swamp to sell y’all. That is your body rebelling against something it doesn’t want in there.

    I also am finding that a lot of people *think* meat is giving them the problem (well, they assume this, because other people are telling them it “must” be that, and not the “healthy” grains and beans). I just wish everyone knew the real truth – you’re helping get it out there!

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