What I Ate And Weighed year Ago 04-02-10

Okay so this is day two and I’m feeling kinda hyped because of how quickly the scale reflected my efforts! Just yesterday I was down a pound already and then…

155.6!! Are you kidding me?? Whoa!

This is all without any exercise at all!

I was so excited I went to Smoothie King got a shot of wheat grass (I don’t drink that any more) with my sister and picked up some ostrich jerky and beef jerky for my hubby… I don’t even like jerky. Do you?

This salad was at a local bar at about 11pm! It wasn’t great at all and who knows what junk was in the dressing but I did the best I could at the time. we’ll see what the scale says tomorrow.

Chicken and shrimp Caesar salad

Apparently I didn’t record what I had for breakfast. Forgive me, I was new to sharing :).

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