What’s Wrong with This Healthy Plate #2

Today I’d like a play one of my new favorite games called, “What’s Wrong With This Healthy Plate”. Its rarely fun to play alone so I need your help. Below is the image and caption copy and pasted directly from its original facebook source.

“For today’s lunch, I’ll be serving a mixture of vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, red onions and vidalia onions) served over a spring mix salad with a few drizzles of raspberry hazelnut dressing. On the side we have a heated whole wheat wrap with melted low-fat cheese, a chilled bottle of Dasani water, and for the sweet tooth, Rainer cherries! Bon appetite! What’s on your lunch menu?”

The comments below are indicative to the popular belief of meat free meals (booooo). But, can you tell what’s wrong with this “healthy” plate? Leave your comments below!




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