When War Will End

The statistics on violence are at epic proportions in known history. Some say it will never end even though almost everyone would say they wish it would.

If you’d like to know a few fresh thoughts on how to reduce and even end violence over night and indefinitely continue reading…

Most people don’t know what violence is. We use forms of violence on ourselves, our families, friends and even strangers all the time! When we even wish ill for someone else, as in we wish they would be jailed, harmed, destroyed, lessened or injured, even jokingly, or for seemingly justified reason, you are perpetuating and expanding the energy of violence in the world.


When you find yourself even wishing someone or group were other than they are, you are committing an act of violence. When you even criticize and/or punish your self the same is true.

People seem to prefer to hold up posters and picket signs with well meaning words but until we stop trying to solve our personal and interpersonal problems with violence how are to stop it on a planetary scale.

How to End War For EVER

Think of more non-aggressive ways to do everything you do now. Everything!! Non-agressive thoughts, feelings, words and actions toward yourself are what must expressed into the field that connects us.

1. hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; readiness to attack or confront.

* Instead of punishing yourself for eating the doughnut with an extra hour of the elliptical machine, you could simply balance it with a better choice next time.

* Instead of punishing your child for talking back, you could find out what’s behind it instead.

* Instead of calling costumed thugs (aka police) on your neighbor when the music is too loud, go be neighborly. You may find that if you were more neighborly to begin with they’d be more considerate in the first place and in the future.

* Consider alternative to putting your baby-daddy on child support through the state. Work something else out instead if at all possible. As hard as it is for a single parent to raise a child right now, many mothers with dead and dead-beat fathers resolve to be resourceful enough to make miracles. You can too. Trust yourself and your Source of Creation to reveal multiple streams of opportunities.

* Don’t succumb to rage… yes, as in road rage and fits of rage. If you are an adult why must you resort to cussin’ and fussin’ someone out in private or public? Don’t let the “Bad Housewives of Club Atlanta” make you believe that it’s a sign of class to call names, toss fine wine or go to blows over well, ANYTHING at all.

* Never condemn people (or groups of people) based on what is said about them in the mainstream media. You will never get the whole story but you will get the justified version you need to believe to support aggressive retaliation.

* Do you watch/play aggressive sports wishing the players on the other team is injured, maimed or painfully taken out of the game? Yeah, well there goes those violent thoughts and actions reproducing after their own kind again. Learn and love chess and checkers instead!

* Trolling and debating to convince someone your view is a more correct version has forever proven futile, use persuasion instead. People are not rarely reasonable. It’s best to seek to overstand the views of others instead of trying to prove the err in their ways. Once it’s known that you “get them” people most often become compelled to return the favor.

* Cease to take offense to anything others say about you or the “labels” you identify with. Offense is the feeling that trigger acts of aggression. If you don’t take offense you’ll never have the urge to defend yourself to anyone. You won’t get into debates with people who don’t value your opinions anyway!

first act of war-offence

* Encourage the military to become healers of people and their land. Let’s desalinize water so all may drink freely, green the desserts so all may eat freely and use the minds of the young and able bodied to solve universal problems instead.

These are someone the ways I’ve found to experience more peace in my personal life and influence others to do the same. I’d love to hear some of the ways you are making peace in the world by being the example. Please share in the comment section below!


3 thoughts on “When War Will End”

  • These are wonderful ideas! I hope with all my heart that the United States military doesn’t go into Syria and that we can find peaceful ways to resolve any differences…especially in our day to day lives.

    • Thank you Elizabeth! Warish people will never experience a peaceful world. We can do our little bit to live lives as peacefully as we possibly can instead of hoping the so called leadership starts first. How different would things be if we took personal responsibility for global peace by being the change we want to see?

  • This is an insightful post Malika! We are all creators and the power of deep meditation can change the fabric of life around you! This journey truly is and interesting one!

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