Why HIIT Is all You Need To Fry Fat!

I found HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when I was just looking for a way to workout for less time while improving my results. What I discovered was exercising for fat loss wasn’t about how much I can stand but how little I needed to activate the body’s natural fat release response.

In other words, its not about bragging about how many miles you ran, or hours of kick boxing you did as if its a badge of honor… If my granny can get goddess-like glutes doing pushups, squats and dead lifts for 12-15 minutes then you should listen to HER and not the crazy man on the DVD or trainer! No matter how buff they may be…

Apparently to elicit a fat frying response to exercise the key is to do workouts that are: Aggressive, Rapid and DEEP!

Below are two videos by Dr. Doug McGuff (author of Body By Science) that express this idea very clearly using a few scientific terms>>

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here is the download link for the bootleg PDF of Dr. Duffs Book, Body By Science, here! Simply right click on it and “save target” or “save file as”.

Chapters 3-9 are the meat of what you need to get started but of course if you haven’t heard anything of this type of training or are just curious, read from the top!

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5 thoughts on “Why HIIT Is all You Need To Fry Fat!”

  • I’ve always agreed with this “Apparently to elicit a fat frying response to exercise the key is to do workouts that are: Aggressive, Rapid and DEEP!”

    Never understood what he said until he broke it down. it’ makes sense though. I have a friend that goes to some place,can’t think of name of it, but the gyms motto is “you do 1 workout per week” that makes sense to me, because it is intensity that matters.

    doesn’t mean you have to stop whatever you are doing, ie i love to dance etc, but i always believed in toning, it just looks better.

    keep it up Malika

  • *I have no desire to do TurboFire.* I’m right there with ya Malika! Thanks for sharing this info! Can’t wait to start HIIT!

    • No problem Jennifer! Beachbody means well, I’m sure, I’ve just gotten to the point where I know how to use simple training methods to achieve far greater results without the price tag or the ENORMOUS time commitment required for those workout programs.

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