Why I Don’t Jog Even Short Distances?

Recently on facebook I re-posted a comment one of my private clients, who happens to be a nurse at a hospital in a major city, posted in our private group but I felt compelled to share on the FitRichWoman page. The was the comment:

I had a patient today who is recovering from a hip replacement (53 years old) who said had he known that wold happen he would have never tried to be as “active” by running 5 miles a day everyday for the last 10 years.


After posting it publicly, these was the comment that compelled me to make a blog post so it doesn’t just get pushed down as another unsearchable status update:

I’ve talked about why I stopped my Beachbody product buying at my first p90x experience I talk about over here but I never mentioned what other similar exercises I now avoid as well. Well it includes jogging and other forms of long distance running.


Some people want to argue the point that we were “built to run” but, let’s see if they figure they were just “running wrong” when Their hip goes kaput in another 10-20 years.

I want to thank Jackie for being so open with her story as I believe this was the first if not one of the first comments she’s ever made on my page and she brings up some great points I think you should note.

One is her admission that she is OCD about these out door sports she listed…

Two she still ended it with “moderation is key”. That is a phrase I’ll have to rant about another time but I’d like to leave you with this question to ask your running friends, “Is jogging 5 miles a day excessive?”

I’d love to hear what kinds of responses you get to that!

Three, she mentioned her “love” for the skating, running, aerobics, etc. It’s something I hear many other women profess when I start talking about the danger of partaking in bone banging, tendon over extending exercises like Zumba and yoga. Some people think I’m just “hating” when all I’m doing is showing the proof that you can have fun AND get maximizing fitness results without the need to over train and risk bone/joint health.

If only, “Because I ♥ it!” were the key to being fit and healthy. If you don’t learn what your body needs to be natural lean healing machine and start liking that, you’ll ALWAYS struggle with your weight and be a slave to the gym while STILL getting the diabetes, high cholesterol and hyper-tension… and maybe a hip replacement in your 50’s. Play with it if you want to but I encourage to join the minority of folks who aren’t. I’d ♥ THAT!



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