Why You REALLY Hate Politicians

You “hate” politicians because you expect someone or group to do something for you and yours that you are unwilling to do yourself? Your expectation, not the actions of others, is what is the cause of your disappointment. Many expect salvation by legislation. That’s a MISappointment of responsibility. We think those so-called “in power” should do this and or that for us as individuals and communities of all sizes. But this is impossible yet many still keep the expectation/disappointment/blame cycle going. Their job is to be lying liar-holes so that you agree to pay their bills, and there friends bills, although 100% unqualified. Your job is to release the temptation to allow someone else responsibility for your life while you watch sports ball and count down to the season premiere of Shitcoms. Take up your expectator mat and feed, house, clothe, heal, educate, entertain and Love the world around YOU through what YOU create!

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