The Walmart “Come Up”!

Usually when I head out to Walmart or should I say, when I’m forced to resort to Walmart for any reason I consider it “slumming” now since there’s isn’t much in there we can actually eat now that we’ve gone low sugar, organic, soy free and grain free. However, every once in a while if you keep the faith and keep checking back in a handful of the isles.

This “Come Up” celebrates one such lucky day where I double check their fish freezer for anything wild caught. But, before I get into what I found let me just ‘xplain why we chose wild caught fish over farm raised…

They are starting to feed the farm fish CORN or franken-corn as we call it, since most (90%+) corn is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Also, due to farm confined conditions the fish tend to consume a lot of each other feces as well. No thank you!

What I Found Was…

Wild caught Whiting
Wild Halibut
Wild caught Perch
Wild caught Cod
Wild caught Flounder

All of these packages were about a pound and ranged in price from $3.50 to $9.87 for the Halibut which was the most expensive and the most tasty to me.

Of course, not all of these may be available at your local Walmart but it’s worth a call or drive around to get for quick, easy to prepare dishes.



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