Will The Lean Lifestyle Eating Strategy Support Pregnancy?

Monique asks, “Well I would love to know if I were to get pregnant during the lifestyle and meal change will I be able to continue this same diet??

My Reply:

The short answer is YES! and below is why…

With my Lean Lifestyle System you will simply be eating whole, natural unadulterated foods or as close to that as possible. You’ll actually remove foods that may inhibit your chances of conceiving (amount other things) and include foods will actually improve your chances of conceiving while nutrition your growing baby and body.

What better material is their to build a healthy body and baby with?

I actually felt a bit bad when my sister gleefully exclaimed how glad she was that she learned how to eat in a supportive way before she had kids. I felt bad because I wish I could say the same.

I wouldn’t have had gestational diabetes, they wouldn’t all have been born so HUGE and develop jaundice… Maybe our son wouldn’t have had asthma.

Also, this lean lifestyle is for the family. This is not a “Monique’s-on-a-diet” plan where you eat dry chicken breast and steamed cabbage while cooking something else for other family members. My husband and 3 children (now 7,9,11.. 6, 8 and 10 last year when we transitioned) eat this way as well. We’ve even rubbed off on my parents and now other family members are calling them to ask our “secrets”.

This is because the foods we remove are simply not even really food they are more like sweetened and/or salted food-like plastics which bog down the body, derail its delicate operating systems and organ functions in it. You are eating foods, even many you think are healthy, that block your body’s natural desire and ability to burn body fat as fuel and heal itself. With the Lean Lifestyle System you’ll learn which foods these are and what to replace them with so you and you family get and stay lean, strong and disease free effortlessly and deliciously!

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